Buddy Benches

Have you seen the new addition to KS1 playground? Bonnie, Olivia and Neoma helped Lance and I to decorate two benches. Now, if you are feeling lonely at playtime,  just sit on a Buddy Bench and a friend will come along to play with you.

Let me know how they are working please.

image image

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2 Responses to Buddy Benches

  1. 1E says:

    1E thought the Buddy Benches worked well this morning.
    They thought that they would sit on the bench if they needed a friend.

  2. Mr Marnick says:

    I love this idea!

    What a great way to show someone that they can visit the Buddy Benches if they are feeling lonely.

    I wonder if anyone has used them yet??

    Mr Marnick

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