Rules for Teachers 1914

How easy teachers have it these days!image

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Great Attendance

5  out of 6 classes reached over 96% attendance last week. Miss Manson’s class reached 100% for the 2nd week running. Another non-uniform day awaits them next week.

A fantastic start for our Reception classes too. FW & FK both reached over 99% whilst FCW had the most exceptional start to Layton School with 100% attendance in their first week. AMAZING !

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KS1 Learners of the Week

Well done to Neil, Destiny, Coby, Bonnie, Neoma and Ben – our ‘Learners of the Week’ this week. Keep following the 5R’s everybody.

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Guess the Object!


Mr Clucas has bought us something amazing that we can use on the KS1 playground.

Can you guess what it is and what we can use it for?

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Singing Assembly

Mr Clucas played his guitar in KS1 singing assembly with Miss Castle -‘Here Comes the Sun’. I hope it brings us good weather.


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Welcome Back!

How lovely to see everybody back in school today. So many new jumpers and cardigans with the Layton logo on – you all look amazing!

I’m interested to hear what exciting things you got up to in the holidays. Leave me a comment here.

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LSA’s Learn to Blog

Mrs Jones is trying to teach us all new tricks with blogging. Some of us are really struggling but watch this space as a huge amount of resilience is in this room right now

animoto training

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Caine’s Arcade 2

Caine’s Arcade 2 shows how Caine became a global sensation and inspired other children to be creative. One year after posting the video online on the 6th October 2013 a global cardboard challenge was held to inspire creativity. I hope if there is a second anniversary event next year Layton School will join in.
Have a go over the half term holiday and see if you can create something from cardboard at home. I look forward to seeing photos of your creations posted here. Good luck!

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Caine’s Arcade

This fabulous video is the story of a 9 year old boy called Caine who built his own arcade using cardboard boxes, materials from his Dad’s business and his own toys as prizes. When a film maker visited Caine’s arcade and posted his film on the internet, Caine got a whole host of visitors and became a global sensation. Which is your favourite arcade game? Could you make one yourself? What would it be and what materials would you use?

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Kindness Boomerang

This is an amazing video which shows that by sharing one act of random kindness you can have an amazing effect on people in your community. The boomerang effect is that eventually a kindness will be returned to you. Watch carefully for how the man starts the boomerang and how kindness is returned to him at the end.

What kindness could you do that would make somebody’s day today?

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